Established in 2012 by Sam Trovatello and family with foundation females sourced from Granite Ridge (S.A), Sandy Acres (S.A), Te Mania (Vic), as well as embryos from Schaff Angus Valley (USA).

Adameluca Angus is operated by the Trovatello family- Sam, Sandra together with their children Adam, Amelia and Lucas. Stud Manager, Barry Godbolt together with his wife Joy joined the Adameluca team in Nov 2013. Barry brings with him a wealth of experience in the cattle industry

Sam’s experience in cattle production dates back to the late 1980’s where he worked alongside his parents, Felice and Maria, and brother Alvio at Glendan Park Hereford stud based in Barfold, Victoria (north of Kyneton). Following succession planning in  2012, Sam’s brother Alvio took over the operations at Glendan Park which led Sam to purchase a property south of Kyneton to establish Adameluca. The name ‘Adameluca’ is derived from the syllables in the children’s names.

We believe there was a need to establish an Angus Stud in the area due to several dispersals of regional Angus studs.

In 2013, Irelands Galaxy G43 was purchased for Australian record price $117,500 as our main stud sire.

Our philosophy is to breed cattle with good structure, carcase and phenotype, whilst maintaining balanced EBV’s. We place significant importance on feet, udders and temperament.